We are a small music festival in the mountains of Transylvania, showcasing international upcoming artists. Four days of chill in nature with friends, far away from city life and digital noise, in the spirit of sustainability.

GREEN FESTIVAL PASS (available until 30th June): 

It includes all festival programmes + camping space for the time of the festival + a personalised tree planted by Plant A Tree Project in your name + an urban produce bag offered by Urban Zerowaster.

By purchasing this pass, you are supporting our environment. We named this the "Planet Friend Pass”, a collaborative project with Plant A Tree Project. If you choose this pass - in addition to your normal festival pass - a red oak tree will also be planted in your name, and you will receive a personal email about your tree-baby. We have 100 of these tickets available, and with your support, we can plant 100 trees this year. 


You can pre-purchase your FOOD TICKET for the nutritious vegan festival
menu, which includes 3 breakfasts and 3 dinners at our festival kitchen. The
ingredients for these dishes are locally sourced, and lovingly assembled by
the vegan expert chef of FLOW Budapest.

Important! Currently this is the only food option at the festival and the
surrounding area.


We have one festival bus that you can choose for your travel from Budapest, Hatvan, or Debrecen. 



Thursday, 8th July, 

  • 5:45-6:00 Budapest, Heroes’ square
  • 6:30-6:45 Hatvan (Tesco parking lot) 
  • 8:45-9:00 Debrecen (Auchan parking lot) 

Arrival: 13:00, Poiana Horea - festival parking area. The campsite is a 400m uphill walk from here. 


Sunday, 11th July, 13:00, Poiana Horea - festival parking area. 

Estimated arrival to Budapest (Heroes’ square) is 20:00.

Thursday: This ticket includes the full festival program and camping space for Thursday 4pm until Friday 9am. 
Friday: This ticket includes the full festival program and camping space for 24 hours, from Friday 9am until Saturday 9am. 
Saturday: This ticket includes the full festival program and camping space for 24 hours, from Saturday 9am until Sunday 9am. 

To our great delight, the easing measurements of recent weeks has made
travel so much easier to reach the festival. As a Hungarian resident, we can
currently travel to Romania and back without any restrictions, no tests, nor
vaccination papers are required at the borders.

Should any changes occur in the days leading up to the festival, we will
endeavor to provide information on our social media pages.

Thank you for your amazing continued support! 

More info: www.wonderestfestival.com