Online ticket sales platform with its own access control system, cashless solutions and offline additional services

Since our establishment in 2014, our team has been working continuously to ensure that our customers can get their tickets comfortably and quickly. Not only with an easily accessible, user-friendly website, but also with program recommendations and interesting facts on our social interfaces, and our customer service is friendly and helpful to our customers.

Whether you are launching your first event or you are an experienced organizer, your personal  TIXA account will be by your side you every step of the way to reach the sold out status. Continuous development and our easy-to-use partner interface will also help you to reach your goals more easily.

Although our main profile is online ticket sales, as practicing organizers we know that this is not always enough. That's why we try to provide a full range of services for our partners' events such as:

  • hard copy tickets
  • production and labeling of textile and paper-based wristbands
  • design, development, implementation and operation of access control and cashless systems
  • production of promotional tools for events, from stickers to posters to unique advertising media
  • advertising opportunities

For customer service questions, you can contact us at!

Regarding sales at events (food, drinks, other products), please contact the organizer of the event.

As an organizer, you can get more information about ticket sales and related services at this address: