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According to the current Hungarian regulations, from 7 March 2022, the obligation to wear a mask will be abolished and the regulations on the use of the immunity card will be phased out. Therefore, from that date, events will be open to the public without restrictions.

Customer service

If you have any questions or problems, please contact us by email at


Do I have to register to buy tickets?
No, but if you register with your email address or Facebook account, you can get your ticket even faster and easier, without having to re-enter your personal details. 

What is My Tickets? Why don't I see anything there?
Our registered customers can find their tickets under the "My Tickets" tab, which they can download at any time in the future. 

If you are not a registered customer, you will receive your tickets by email.  

What should I do if I have forgotten my password?
If you've forgotten your password, click on the My Tickets menu and then on the Forgot my password link. You will receive an email with a link to enter a new password for your account.

After logging in, where can I change my personal details?
You can change your personal details under the My details tab.


How can I pay for my tickets on the site?
On the website we use the Simple Online Payment System developed and operated by OTP Mobil Ltd., through which we accept MasterCard, Maestro, Visa and Visa Electron. You can also buy tickets for some events with OTP or MKB SZÉP cards. 

Events that can be paid for with SZÉP card can be found here:

Is it possible to pay for tickets by bank transfer/postal order?
No, we only accept online payment by credit card.

Is it possible to buy tickets in person? does not operate ticket offices, so you can only buy tickets online. 

For some events, the organisers sell printed tickets. Please, contact the organiser for further details.

Why can't you pay for all events with a SZÉP card?
This payment method is event-dependent. If a SZÉP card is redeemable for the event, you can find out which type of SZÉP card and pocket can be used after clicking on the "Buy" button. 

Events where SZÉP card is accepted can be found here:

Can I book tickets by phone/e-mail? Can I reserve tickets?
No, we cannot reserve or book tickets.

Why can't I buy more than 10 tickets at a time?
The number of tickets you can add to your basket and buy at one time varies from event to event. In general, a maximum of 10 tickets can be placed in one basket. If you wish to purchase more tickets for a particular event, you will need to do so in a separate transaction.

Can I buy multiple concert tickets at the same time?
You can only buy tickets for one event at a time, if you want to buy tickets for several different events, you will need to do so in a separate transaction.

Is there an extra cost on top of the ticket price? Why do I have to pay a handling fee?
There may be a handling fee in addition to the ticket price. This convenience fee will be indicated to you before you press the pay button. The handling fee (convenience fee) is the cost of the ticketing service. The value of the service not provided will be refunded, but the value of the service provided will be deducted from the amount paid in advance.

I have received the invoice but would like to change the name and address. What should I do?
As soon as possible after the purchase, send an email to with the info of the purchase (event’s name and purchase id, e.g. #234567) and the new details. 

The site has indicated that the purchase was successful, but I have not received the tickets. What should I do?
First, check your email account's SPAM folder and also your Promotional emails. We cannot be held responsible for any errors in the mail system.

If you do not find it in your inbox, please contact our customer service by email. 

Please provide us with your purchase details so we can follow up on your order. You may have mistyped your email address when entering your personal details. Our customer service will resend your tickets based on the information sent in the email and after identification. 

Tickets sent to the wrong email address may have their barcode invalidated by our customer service and a new barcoded ticket will be sent to you. 

The page indicates that the purchase has failed. What should I do? What could be the problem?
Please try shopping again. Check that you have entered all the details correctly. If you are still unsuccessful, contact our customer service team and we will look into the problem. 

You may have mistyped your card details, exceeded the daily card limit, had insufficient funds, entered the wrong 3D secure verification code, or tried to use a banned or expired card. 

What should I do if the transaction is interrupted?
If you return to our site after payment and see a message that your purchase was successful, there is nothing more you need to do!

If, after entering your card details, the payment process is interrupted for any reason (slowdown in the SimplePay system, purchase timeout exceeded) or you are not sure if the payment was successful, please contact your bank. In the event of an unsuccessful payment, please try to purchase the ticket again.

For security reasons, an interrupted transaction cannot be resumed from where it left off, so it is recorded as a closed and failed transaction.

I selected the number of tickets I wanted to purchase, but I was placed on a waiting list. What does this mean?
The event is in high demand at the time of your purchase. The system will queue people to ensure secure ticket purchase. Do not open another TIXA page while you are in the queue, you can only open one basket at a time.


If I order my tickets by post, do I pay the postage of 890 HUF per ticket or per order? 
You pay the fee per order. An order can include several tickets for the same event. 

When will my postal delivery ticket arrive?
Postal delivery will arrive within 3-5 working days to the address you provided when you made your purchase. Tickets will be sent by registered mail with priority, if you do not receive your tickets within this time, please contact the post office nearest to your address.

What ticket do I get if I request postal delivery? 
The ticket is an A4 sized PDF document, the same as the one you receive electronically after purchase. 

Can I request delivery abroad?
Currently we only deliver tickets within Hungary.

When will I receive my e-ticket?
Within a few minutes after successful purchase. If you have not received confirmation of your purchase and your tickets have not arrived, please contact our customer service. 

What should I do if I can't find my tickets or if I have accidentally cancelled them?
If you are a registered user, you can download your tickets again from the My Tickets menu after logging in. If you were not registered when you made your purchase, please contact our customer service and we will resend your tickets.

How old do I need to be to buy tickets for your event? 
This information may vary from event to event. If you can't find information on the event’s page, check the event's Facebook page or contact our customer service and we will help you. 

Do I need to print my ticket?
You do not need to print your ticket, just present it on your smart device when you enter the event.

Are tickets transferable?
Yes, they are transferable, unless the organiser specifically states otherwise in the event’s description.

IMPORTANT! Do not share photos of your ticket and the codes on it and allow it to be copied, as you may risk your own admission.


I changed my mind and do not want to go to the event. Is there any way I can get my money back?
Refund options are only available if the event is cancelled or postponed.

What happens if the event is cancelled or rescheduled?
If the event is cancelled or rescheduled, we will notify customers at the email address provided during the purchase, after receiving official information from the event organiser.

What is the refund procedure?
After consultation with the event organisers, we will notify you at the email address provided at the time of purchase. 

The refund will be initiated based on the transaction details generated during the purchase. We process refund requests on an ongoing basis. Please be advised that it may take up to 30 working days for the payment service provider and the bank to process the refund.

My credit card has expired, my account number has been cancelled, how do I get my tickets back?
In such cases, our refund attempt may fail. However, it is reported to SimplePay, who will manually initiate a refund request to its authorization bank. The amount will be credited to an omnibus account of your bank. You can ask the bank for information on how they will credit you. In the case of a terminated account, this could be e.g. a cash withdrawal at the branch, a bank transfer or a pink cheque - it all depends on the issuing bank. If the card has just expired, the issuing bank can credit the amount to the current account to which the card belonged.

Why is the handling fee non-refundable?
The handling fee (convenience fee) is the price of the ticketing service. The value of the service not rendered will be refunded, but the value of the service rendered will be deducted from the amount paid in advance.

The handling fee is not only the cost of sending the ticket online, it also includes the cost of using the electronic ticketing system, the cost of producing the electronic voucher, e-ticket, e-invoice. By initiating a ticket purchase and successfully completing the purchase, you are using the system. Tixa provides the ticket purchase facility and not the performance.

Where can I advertise the tickets I want to sell?
You can advertise your tickets up to the date of the event at TicketSwap is our contracted, secure resale partner where you do not need to contact the buyer directly. If they buy the tickets you have for sale, the value of the tickets will automatically be credited to your account. During the resale, your barcode will be invalidated and the buyer will receive a new pass.