Gottfried Gfrerer (AT) is widely regarded as one of the best slide guitarists in Europe. His distinctive sound brings together archaic elements and virtuosic mastery, mixing roots music from the US and Europe with modern trends. When he’s not writing unique songs Gottfried also builds his own resonator guitars. He is currently working on his fourth album.

His trademark guitar sound, also known as ‘Gfrerer sound’ in the music scene, has brought him success in Austria and abroad, as well as an invitation to teach at the London Music School. Despite, or because of, his broad spectrum of styles and unmistakable way of playing, Gottfried’s songs form a diverse whole that is a must-hear for music lovers.


The event will be held in the magical botanical garden of Budapest. After concert the director of the garden will lead an exclusive walk on the premises.


Date & Time: 12th July 2018., 19:00

Address: ELTE Füvészkert, 1083 Budapest, Illés u. 25.


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