⊕ Gotshell (CO) live
Mysterious, psychedelic techno straight from Colombia to Budapest. Gotshell, alias Alessan Main’s unpredictable set, wandering from old school techno to ambient is what’s supposed to make you lose yourself and find others at Napturbina. The Tresor resident-producer will dive deep into his experimental electronica at our daytime party, with the end of his set finally not so close to the time of waking up.
⊕ Technokunst
One of Budapest’s former, future-facing electronic music event-series carves its way into Turbina. For more than ten years now, Isu and Dork have been tirelessly trying to bring the biggest names of the genre to Hungary, alongside those newcomers, who are guaranteed to produce some quality stuff in the upcoming years, all under the name of Technokunst.
⊕ Lineup
Gotshell (CO) - live
Isu & Subotage
Mode & Valens
◖Tickets: https://tixa.hu/technokunst_gotshell_napturbina
◖ Presale tickets are valid for the Clubroom program as well (event: fb.me/e/dERSsKxpc)
◖Early bird tickets: 2500
◖Presale second round tickets: 3000
◖ Tickets (Main Hall + Clubroom program) at the door:
14.00 - 15.00: 1500
15.00 - 17.00: 3000
16.00 - 22.00: 4000
◖ Tickets valid only for the Clubroom program: 1500