Sziget Festival welcomes hundreds of thousands of Szitizens each summer and aims to bring the biggest names in music from the widest variety of genres across 60 venues for 6 days straight! Sziget, however, is not only about the musical experiences, but a whole lot more: It’s about love, art and freedom in all possible forms! It’s a music and cultural festival offering visitors the summer of a lifetime full of concerts, art programs, performances, talks and much more. As Sziget means “island” in Hungarian, Sziget Festival itself is located on a beautiful island, named Óbuda-Island, full of wonders in the heart of Budapest, Hungary. It lies close to the city centre, giving festival-goers the chance to explore Budapest anytime during their stay. Life at the festival just never stops. Each day, the greatest of bands and artists come on and walk off stage at the most colourful venues of Sziget: the Dan Panaitescu Main Stage, the Mastercard Stage, the Colosseum or the Party Arena and so on. Concerts and musical performances go on from early afternoon every day and last until the break of dawn. If you feel like catching a small break in-between gigs, you can choose from the widest scale of programs, be it listening to our amazing speakers, watching art performances, getting artsy, doing sports offline or online or just chilling at the beach. With the festival located on an island, surrounded by the Danube, the Sziget beach offers a great chance to get some rest and soak up the sun when you just feel like getting some rest and reloading for the next adventure ahead!