Drift is a one hour long sound choreography, composed for large public space, and performed with 15 local performers. Originally commissioned by Prague Quadrennial the first performance was shown at the Prague Exhibition Grounds Plaza. The piece is nominated to the Laban Rudolf-award.

In Drift more then a dozen performers are following “invisible pathways” on a large public square and its close surroundings. On these pathways the performers are carrying around portable speakers from which the site-specifically composed score of the piece is creating a unique moving soundscape. The constantly moving surround composition and the emerging organic choreography are creating a hypnotizing and unique audio-visual performance experience for the observers.

"For fifty minutes the Széll Kálmán square is turned into a spatial symphony, with a feeling of an ungraspable, unidentifiable, invisible energy. This is a beautiful, immersing, mesmerizing dance, which we can percieve not with our eyes, but with our ears, bodies and self." Albert Dorottya, Szinház magazine

„The key of the piece is the spot on dramaturgy - how it generates doubt and couriosity in the audience and then how it creates surprises. (...) It takes some time until we realise how the piece invisibly changes our relation to the space, each other and ourselves.” Králl Csaba, Élet és Irodalom

Concept, Choreography, Composition: Dávid Somló

David Somló is a Hungarian interdisciplinary artist. In his artistic practice he is interested in those human interactions that are small but significant, as well as the exploration of audience perception, utilizing both time and performance spaces. He composes situations. His work has been performed at international festivals in Europe and South America, including FIME Sao Paolo (BR), Sonorities (NIR), CROSS Awards (IT), We Are Now (UK), NOW16 (UK), Audiograft (UK), Montag Modus (GER), Let Me In (GER), UH Festival (HU), L1 Dance Festival (HU), and Reality Research Festival (HU).


Supported by: Placcc Fesztivál, Műhely Alapítvány, Cross Attic, Prague Quadriennale