Mátra camping

The Mátra Camping can be found on the main festival area. This is where the main stages, the OFF-programmes, food stalls and bars are, and there is even a Wellness section (for an extra fee). For children and the young at heart, there is a playground and a table tennis table. As this is where most of the festival takes place, we advise you to only choose this option if you like to be in the middle of it all and you don't require complete silence for sleeping at night.



A double room with its own bathroom and fridge. There is also a sofa that can be converted into a bed for two, depending on size. The only exception is the suite, with two rooms and a small kitchen.

Price per room for 5 nights:

▪ For 1-2 guests: 280.000 HUF

▪ For 3 guests: 330.000 HUF

▪ For 4 guests: 380.000 HUF

▪ For 4-5 guests: 400.000 HUF

There is only a very limited number of each type of room, which means that once the double rooms have gone, we can only offer rooms for 3-4 guests, even if you are only two. In this case, we advise you to look for roommates.



The camping offers various cabins, some of them with their own kitchen (including fridge, stove and sink), or just a fridge. Each cabin has a bathroom with shower. For the cabins with kitchen facilities, you can ask for utensils at reception (cutlery, pots and pans, etc.).

Cabin prices for 5 nights:

▪ 5-bed (1 double bed, 1 bunk bed, 1 sofa): 390.000 HUF

▪ 5-bed with kitchen (1 double bed, 1 single bed, 1 sofa for two): 410.000 HUF

▪ 8-bed with kitchen (two separate rooms, queen-size bed, sofa, bunk bed): 470.000 HUF

▪ 10-bed (two separate rooms, queen-size bed, sofa, bunk bed): 485.000 HUF



The motelrooms are located in the middle of the festival area, in a single-storey building. It takes you back in time to the scout camps you attended as a child.

The rooms have 4 beds (two bunk beds), and don't have their own bathroom. However, each room has a sink and a mirror. Shared bathrooms are located in the corridor (separate for men and women), which were refurbished in 2022.

There is a large common room in the building, with a big fridge where you can store your food.

Price per room for 5 nights:

▪ 4-bed room: 210.000 HUF



The campsite is the perfect place to set up your tent. It has multiple bathroom-facilities, which were recently refurbished. There are also multiple locations where you can charge your electronic devices.

Tent site price PER PERSON for 5 nights:

▪ 12.990 HUF/person


Mátra camp

The camp is approximately 5 minutes walking if you pass along the lake from the festival area. If you like a good night's sleep after the concerts, then this is the place for you, as it is far enough from the festival itself for you to sleep sound.



There are several buildings, each with various room types and a shared bathroom. The rooms are equipped with single and bunk beds.

Price per room for 5 nights:

▪ 3-bed room: 135.000 HUF

▪ 4-bed room: 160.000 HUF

▪ 5-bed room (190.000 HUF)

▪ 7-bed room: 210.000 HUF



You have the option to set up your tent in the Mátra Camp, with the use of common shower facilities.

Tent site price PER PERSON for 5 nights:

▪ 12.990 HUF/person


Panorama Pension

The Panorama Pension is a separate accomodation option in an approximately 10-12 minute walk from the Mátra Camping and Mátra Camp. It is situated in the Adrenaline Park and is also accessible by chairlift.


▪ Panorama Green Pension - two-bed pension room: 240.000 HUF

▪ Panorama Green Pension - two-bed apartment with kitchen: 260.000 HUF

▪ Panorama Green Pension - four-bed pension room: 340.000 HUF

▪ Panorama Green Pension - four-bed apartment with kitchen: 360.000 HUF


Car park ticket

You have the option to buy a car park ticket for the Mátra Camping, the Mátra Camp and the car park just outside the Mátra Camping. 


▪ Mátra Camping inner car park ticket: 15.000 HUF (for 5 days)

▪Mátra Camp inner car park ticket: 13.000 HUF (for 5 days)

▪ Outside car park tickets: 12.000 HUF (for 5 days)

Gyöngyös Student Hotel

You have the option to book your accomodation a bit further away from the festival site, in Gyöngyös. You can use the Zaj shuttle service for commuting to and from the festival. All rooms have a bathroom and there is also kitchen facilities per floor.


▪ Gyöngyös Student Hotel - 2-bed room: coming soon

▪ Gyöngyös Student Hotel - 3-bed room: coming soon