"Bittersweet pop from the heart of Europe" - Böbe Szécsi, the Budapest based singer-songwriter-producer's solo project started in May 2019. The singer, who composes in the genre defined as bittersweet pop, writes and produces her own songs. Her sound is a mix between alternative and mainstream pop with minimal electronics, deep sub-basses, melodic loops spiced with vocal harmonies. The project's live act debuted as the opening act of Halott Pénz in the summer of 2020, and has since played in front of Margaret Island and the British Alfie Templeman, they have also performed in the stages of SZIN, Valley of the Arts and Liveruope festivals. After releasing her conceptual debut EP and various singles, her debut album will come out on the 25th of February. The album, titled poisoned paradise, will contain 9 songs, fully written and produced by the singer. In addition to the songs on the album, the artist is also going to play some of her former material at Turbina.
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Tickets at the venue/ 2500
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