Mosaico Tablao flamenco

The performers' aim in the event is to conjure the tablao's inward feelings, and also to show the unique combination of tradition and improvisation and the passion of flamenco. An evening like this is a single unrepeatable meeting of music, dance and audience. The tablao works only when these things are all together.
„There is no other genre that can bring to life the attributes of the element of fire better than the flamenco dance. The complex rhythm evokes a sense of unpredictability, the tap of the shoes is like fire crackling on stage while we, the spectators, can admire that no ruffle on a skirt and no movement of the hand dance in the same way twice, just like the flames of a fire.” (Péter Oravecz)

The international team members are:
Mónica Clavijo Barroso (ES) - sing
János Illés - guitar

Kornél Mogyoró - cajón, percussion

Zoltán Lantos - violin

Gabriella Házi (NL) - dance, palmas
Beáta Bajnay - dance, palmas (Aldebaran Kompánia)