After the success of the international Freedom X Festivals spearheading the location independent movement, we brought you the event one more time to Budapest. Join the like-minded community of freedom seekers, digital nomads & freedom-preneurs on a new way of conferencing where we merge all your senses with experiences that inspires your mind, feeds your soul and transcends your being.

2 full days with the brightest minds to learn from creating and optimizing your freedom-lifestyle, 35+ talks and hands-on workshops that teach you how to successfully live and work remotely, become an entrepreneur, create alternative models of living, tap into your creativity, flexi-work, and so much more... We are infusing the conference talks & workshops with out-of-the-box experiences where you can move your body, feel your soul, join morning yoga and meditation classes & a very special cacao ceremony addition all the way from Bali.

When you attend Freedom X Budapest, you are not just going to another conference or festival. This unique event celebrates our humanity by uniting all our parts together and expanding our possibilities to experience our full potentials and live our life according to our own terms.

Freedom X unites remote workers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, location independent professionals, digital nomads and creatives from all over the globe, as well as those simply looking to live with more freedom. You’ll learn new skills to grow your business or start a new one, learn to meld all the facets of who you are, your life’s purpose and your work into one cohesive lifestyle that is your FREEDOM by DESIGN.

Join us and experience all of your freedom on 14-15 June at Brody Studios!

The event is going to feature Hungarian and English speeches and workshops alike.

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