Emir Kusturica - two times Palme d’Or awarded Serbian filmmaker - is well known by the audience by his films: When Father Was Away on Business (1985), Time of the Gypsies (1988), Underground (1995), and by his hit, Black Cat, White Cat (1998). Music has always played an important role in Kusturica’s films, his contact with his band, The No Smoking Orchestra dates back to the 80’s. In the last two decades they often go on tours and make records together. No one can resist their amazing dance music; thanks to that they have given a concert in several cities of more than 5 continents’. The band – consisting of 11 members -known for its phenomenal concerts and Balkan music was formed in 1979 in Sarajevo are more recognized internationally than in their home country. The legendary group combines the Serbian Kolo style music – the Balkan version of rumba - with rock sound and gypsy music, with which they connect to the broadest artistic relation of music in the 20th century. The No Smoking Orchestra guarantees an outstanding atmosphere at the Alexandre Trauner ART/Film Festival in the autumn at the Szolnok Sport Stadium.