It has arrived. It’s finally here. For the fourth time now, Golem has caught up with us – so get ready to be mesmerised one more time by the brightest underground musical acts from our native Hungary and from across Europe. A wide array of fun daytime activities and the lure of frenetic dancing of marathonic proportions will make sure that nobody who comes leaves unsatisfied. All this, and more, will take place on the picturesque Szalki-island, right next to Dunaújváros, Hungary.

Golem is a non-profit community festival. It’s the project of a large group of friends whose goal is to make the world a friendlier, cosier, more welcoming place – if only for a few days. In that sense, Golem is just a bubble. However, we’re determined to inflate that bubble as much as possible and include anyone who’d like to be a part of and contribute to this shared experience. And we mean that – be it a cathartic punk concert, a post-modern art installation, a stand-up act dedicated entirely to knock-knock jokes or even just a beanbag, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will try our best to provide the space necessary.

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