WONDEREST Drink Voucher 

Pre-purchase your drink voucher online and exchange for a physical drink card at the festival site upon arrival. The bar’s drink selection will be available on site and your card will be stamped with the price of each drink, until it reaches the full value that you payed for. You can share the cards with each other, and once it fills up, you can buy another one. 
NOTE: The Festival Bar ONLY operates with the drink cards, so individual drinks cannot be purchased without them. (The only exception is beer, which will be sold separately and individually.) 
The Festival Bar selection includes: wine, spritz, gin, G&T, pálinka, a special WONDEREST cocktail, coffee and soft drinks.
The voucher costs 9000 HUF (≈26 EUR, ≈126 RON) (depending on your bank’s conversion rate).