VAV is a six-member Kpop boy band from South Korea formed in 2015 by A Team Entertainment. St.Van, ACE, Ayno, Jacob, Lou, Ziu, members of VAV, are recognized for the high quality of their music and compositions, as well as their dance performances and the storytelling of their music videos.

After huge successes with their albums and singles, VAV reached 40M views with Senorita in 2018, 35M views with Give Me More in 2019, 30M views with Thrilla Killa in 2019, and their new music video, Designer, reached 16M views in less than 3 months in 2023.

VAV did very successful concert tour all over the world before the pandemic, in North America, South America, Asia and Europe. This Europe Tour 2023 is their come-back after four years!

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VIP Ticket (limitált mennyiségben) / 135 EUR
Első körös bejutás (Early Entrance)
Fotó a csapattal öt fős csoportokban (Picture with the band by group of 5)
Aláírt csapatfotó + VIP kártya és nyakpánt (VIP Autographed Print, collector VIP lanyard and card)

Premium Ticket (limitált mennyiségben) / 75 EUR
Második körös bejutás (Entrance after the VIP)
VIP kártya és nyakpánt (Premium lanyard and card)

General Ticket / 45 EUR


18:00 – VIP
19:00 – Premium
19:30 – General
20:00 – Koncert