The Southern Oracle’s fourth full length record is titled “Exodus Aesthetic” and it refers to the need of leaving this unsustainable state that our country and the entire world is in for such a long time now. And how the path is filled with catastrophic obstacles mismanaged by political groups and individuals endangering our public and domestic lives or even our planet’s future. Convergence of foundational lies about the pandemic, the migration, global warming and the entanglement in the endless cycles of those in power.

The band waited eagerly to get a date and play all these songs as a part of a very special setlist that includes oldies that the fans haven’t heard in a while.

The most perfect venue for this is the new Dürer Kert that carries on the traditions of the old beloved place. TSO played here their first gig under this name 10 years ago and release show of their first full length “Hellwakening” was here as well alongside countless other shows they hold dear.

The night is gonna be colourful because the opening band will be the British electro-punk duo The Sexy Wild East and this is going to be their debut gig. After them comes the hardcore brigade Lightchaser who are bringing their new EP.

We’d like to thank everyone who support the underground in any way, you are the reason the scene, the band and venues survive!!

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