Eitan Reiter shows the path for Budapest nightlife in October at the upcoming gathering of Totem Tribe.

Born into a musician family, Eitan Reiter proved his skills in many genres of electronic music. 
Besides techno, house or psytrance, there are downtempo, chillout or electronica songs marked under his name, but also his music could be heard in a movie. 
While for some, he is the producer of Pyramid, or Ups and Downs with Perfect Strangers, for the psytrance scene he is one half of LOUD. 
The project running under his name - mostly progressive house and melodic techno, - is authentic because of his musical explorations and experiments. His sets are movies about Eitan Reiter himself, telling how he experiences his present time, what membrane he is to the world around him. Let it be Dürer Kert, actually playing for you.

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