Thy Catafalque will perform frist time on A38 Ship on the Danube in Budapest and it's going to be a double gig! On November 24 we will select from songs from the beginning until 2016 and on November 25 tracks from 2018 until today will be coming. Special shows will have special guests - on the first day we'll have legendary Hungarian folk band Kaláka on stage supporting us, while on the second day avant-garde chiptune metal Master Boot Record from Italy will enrichen the night.
Tickets will be available from next Tuesday, 11th 11AM CEST. Be fast, the ship is small and we wouldn't want a crowded venue so we limit the ticket availability. See you there!


Thy Catafalque (1998-2016 era)
special guest: Kaláka
2023. november 24. péntek 18:00-22:30

Thy Catafalque (2018-2023 era)
special guest: Master Boot Record (ITA)
2023. november 25. szombat 18:00-22:30