25 years ago, if you told your interviewer that your favorite hobby is playing video games, you might have get an email the next day starting with "Sorry to inform you, but.."..

Today, the world of games permeates everything. Grandmothers crushing candies on the subway, instead of the FIFA World Cup, we can now support e-sport organizations competing in championships and your favourite game is being serialized or already on a streaming service, but even an interview process can have a gamified stage. Here we are.

The question is: What comes next? What changes are waiting for us, what are the trends showing, and how will all this affect us - Players. We will dissect the answers to these questions together within the framework of an open-format discussion, facilitated by M. Roland Nagy.

Come and share your thoughts if you work in the market or are an avid gamer, or even if you just want to listen in and get to know the world of games better!