For the next stop of Selected Sounds the German producer The Micronaut, and the Barcelona based multidisciplinary artist Rob Clouth will fill the Main Hall of Turbina with their expressive soundwaves.
⊕ Rob Clouth A/V
Rob Clouth is not a simple composer - the neoclassicist new media artist observes the electronic melodies under a microscope and dissects them. Clouth even writes his own softwares for creating his music, organizing his inspirations from quantum-physics to the inner workings of the universe into his typical algorithmic order. Rob released his debut Album, Zero Point, on Mesh, a label founded by Max Cooper in 2020
⊕ The Micronaut
Rhythms playfully merging into each other and roller coaster rides with crazy ups and downs - these are some of the base characteristics of The Micronaut. His 2016 album, Forms brought him international recognition, and his newest album Summer Games, which was inspired by the Olympic Games, debuted in 2020. The electro-pop flow of the tracks proves to us that the music of The Micronaut is not only for the real enthusiasts of techno music, it also works perfect on the dancefloor.