TFK Language Exchange #25 @ Szimpla

2018. február 17.

Szimpla Kávézó

Kertész u. 48.

Kapunyitás: 18:00

Jelenleg nem kapható jegy a rendezvényre

Dear Conscious People of Budapest!

On the 3rd Saturday of each month we meet up to find like-minded people, have great conversations and practice our second language.

The event starts with a talk, presented by different talker each time, but the topic always connected to conscious lifestyle.

This month our guest talker is: Sam Ryter
He will talk about deep human connections.
Details are coming soon...

Then our Language Exchange party starts with a DJ playing some chilled tunes to create the best vibes for connecting.

We have different tables with different languages and topics.

You can choose any of these but we mix up the situation every 20 minutes by changing tables. This way you can be sure of meeting plenty of new people.

Don't be shy to join and share the event with your friends, everybody's welcome!

Gyakori kérdések // Általános Szerződési Feltételek // Adatvédelmi Szabályzat // Kapcsolat

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