Redesign with us!


Innovators were not always welcomed in the past.

With hindsight it is clear that whereas innovation was not really appreciated by the leaders of static systems, they are thought to be the only relevant reaction in our present, dynamically changing environment.  

But what is this phenomenon that was sometimes celebrated, sometimes persecuted? And who will make innovators?

By definition an innovation is an idea and its implementation. What we mean by an idea is something that is a creative idea, something that redesigns something existing, something that is earth-shattering. Furthermore it is something than can be put into practice as creativity without implementation in itself does not involve a real innovation.

And what makes it so important for us?

When describing the environment around us the VUCA acronym can be used more and more often. This acronym was originally used by the military: Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous. It clearly shows that nowadays we have to hold our ground in such fields where the tried and tested methods are outrun, and new solutions have to be found to old and new problems alike in a very short time.

Easier said than done - and what about the practical execution?

During our TEDx event you can have an insight into the different aspects of this process and the innovators’ activities.  We would like to get an answer to the following questions:

●        How can we redesign?

●        What is the supportive environment like and what kind of environment hinders innovation?

●        What kind of failures have to be overcome to reach a successful innovation?

●        Can creative thinking be developed?

●        What innovative solutions are expressed in connection with our most important problems?

●        What role do communities and networks play in an innovative process?

●        What priority does the education have and what flexible role does it play in planning and implementing innovation?

●        What kind of personal hardships do dedicated innovators come through?

We are convinced that innovation has become a widespread practice, most strikingly in the technical industries. We are searching for and introducing the innovations from the widest possible range, along with technology, putting an emphasis on art, fashion and humanities.  We believe that innovation is more than salvation and we are going to show innovations undergoing continuous development on the TEDxMETU stage. 

Join us! Let's meet at TEDxMETU on 29 October 2020!