After last years ritual in September we immediately felt the need to make this party happen again. After a long period of planning and making preparations we chose November 9th as the night to make it real. As a little surprise this year Necropsycho will be playing a 5 hour long live set. Mala'kak, whom you may know from our August experimental party will be playing before him to set the mood. And in the end, to settle down a bit, our long time favourite Alchimechanics will be playing the finest darkpsy. 


◆ Necropsycho 5H LIVE ◆ 

Alice-D Production / Dark Valley Records 

◆ Mala'kak ◆


◆ Alchimechanics ◆

Secta Putri / Liquid Monkeys Tribe 



◆ Triptonix ◆