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Budapest Startup Safari is not an ordinary conference, but a two-day startup jamboree in the coolest locations in downtown Budapest. The aim of the event is to give a unique access to the startup ecosystem in and beyond Budapest, and to enhance knowledge sharing, networking and community building - which we had such an intensive and wide-ranging opportunity for a long time after the adversities of the last two years.

On 28-29 April, Budapest Startup Safari is back for the 7th time, but this time you have the choice of how you join us. This year's Startup Safari "Hybrid Conference" features on-site discussions, workshops, presentations and interactive programs, and when you attend online, you can follow the programs via streaming, as well as participate in networking events – all from your couch, from the comfort of your own home. Let’s meet, get inspired, gain new professional and business relationships - and plan the future together!

So what’s in it for you? You will be able to:

• Meet the most significant characters in Hungary and the region: investors, innovative personalities, technology and business experts, entrepreneurs, startups, success stories.

• Finally rejoin us in the coolest and most innovative spaces of Budapest, experience the whole event live, meet our performers and other participants, and take part in exciting workshops that are only available on-site.

• Wherever you are in the world, you can watch many of this year’s Safari events from your own couch.

• Connect directly with other participants and presenters through our innovative online platform, make new contacts and friends, and maybe be richer with a new job offer or client, or find a long-sought team member or professional.

Ticket prices:

SUPER EARLY BIRD 3000 HUF (~ 8 €) until 16th March
EARLY BIRD 6000 HUF (~ 16 €) from 17th March until 19th April
NORMAL 9900 HUF (~ 27 €) from 20th April


• Due to the registration, one may purchase 1 ticket at a time.

• The current epidemiological measures are in force at the event - please take care of each other!

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