After last years' full house Christmas concerts, we are inviting you to spend a night in the embrace of mantras again!

Come and join this spectacular event and get ready for Christmas with us!
We invite you for a musical journey across the Planet Earth with different nation's mantras and prayers. We composed melodies that will help you to go to the very core of your soul. You can listen to our songs from the slow meditative till the fast dancing ones as well. At our concerts we use close to 40 different music instruments!
This year we will invite not only musician guests but very special dancers as well!

Samsara Boulevard's members are:
Anita Mihók: guitar, vocal, frame drum
Judit Sattwa Schrenk: vocal, frame drum, gong, singing bowls, sansula, tongue drum
Kovács Sára Dizna: vocal, bansuri, dizi flute, didgeridoo, frame drum, melodika, turkish ney, indian flutes
Gábor Ölvedi: vocal, tibetan and tuvan overtone singing, darbuka, doholla, indian tabla, frame drums (daf, tar, persian daf), tapan, cajon, harmonium
Dure: vocal, electric pad, percussion

Guest artists are: