According to the Act XIII of 2022 on the "Itemized Tax on Small Businesses" (KATA) introduced on 18 July 2022, we can only issue invoices for this event to individuals.

Dive into the free movements or play trance music with the band Samsara Boulevard at this event.


Connected to the change of rhythms, the free movements of the body can amplify the buried feelings and barriers that we carry with us.


By experiencing the messages of our senses, we can more clearly see the answers within us. A different state of consciousness experienced through music and free movements helps us to see and perceive clearly in areas of our lives that may have been obscured until now.


Everyone can join the event as they wish: dancing, playing music, but also sitting, lying down, listening...


We welcome everyone, even without musical or dance background!


In addition to the fact that the members of the ensemble love to show trance-inducing movements on stage, they regularly hold workshops and events on this topic in Budapest and in the countryside.


Only people over the age of 14 can participate in the event!



MagNet Ház - Maple Hall (entering the building through the main entrance, the door is next to the reception, next to the elevators)


Please arrive on time, we cannot let enter people arriving after 19:40!

The event lasts until 21:30.


Everyone can participate in the evening at their own risk!

The evening is alcohol and drug free!