Everyone seeks happiness in life... Can we, thus, argue that we live for happiness? Or are we all striving towards it?

Bhutan is officially the happiest country in the world. But what makes the people happy there? And how can we find happiness in the midst of our own existence?

Come to the first Pont Csopak of 2024 and learn more about this special topic!



6:00 PM Gate opening

6:30 PM Group meditation

7:30 PM Discussion: Generations and Happiness

8:30 PM Film screening: The Agent of Happiness


What is Pont Csopak?

Pont Csopak is a unique screening series in the enchanting garden of Plul Malom, where you can watch acknowledged films from international festivals. However, it is more than simply a garden cinema. Here you can engage in discussions, concerts, and shows related to the films. Moreover, you and your family can participate in exciting programs that make the cultural experience truly unique.


The Agent of Happiness

This year's Sundance Film Festival competition film, The Agent of Happiness, is a Hungarian-Bhutanese documentary. In the tiny Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, with a population of only 700,000, researchers from the Happiness Research Institute travel the country, measuring the happiness level of the population with a questionnaire. In the film, a happiness agent visits remote villages. Through him, we get an intimate glimpse into the everyday life of Bhutanese society: what is it that makes a country happy? Can happiness indeed be measured?


Date: May 19, 2024

Location: 16 Kisfaludy St., 8229 Csopak (Plul Malom)

Parking: Csonkatorony

Please refrain from bringing food and drinks into the event area.

We are a pet-friendly event!

Sponsors: National Film Institute


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