Póni Európa-bajnokság 2017 - Kaposvár

July 25-30., 2017

Kaposvári Egyetem

Guba Sándor u. 40.

Gates open at: Mindennap 08:00

Tickets are currently not available for this program

Póni Európa-bajnokság 2017 - Kaposvár / European Pony Championships 2017 - Kaposvár 
2017. július 25-30. / 25-30. July 2017.
pontos helyszín: H-7400 Kaposvár, Guba Sándor u. 40.

Door: Minden nap reggel 8.00 / Daily at 8.00 am

The European Championships for Ponies is a particularly important event for youth riders, mobilizing large number of riders all around Europe. It is special as riders of three different disciplines – dressage, jumping and eventing – are competing for individual and team titles at the same time. Those U16 riders are entitled to compete who achieved a qualifying result, with ponies under 149 cm height. In spite of the young age of participants and the height limit of ponies, the quality of the event is extremely high. The most talented young riders of Europe have been always discovered in Pony European Championships. World Champions, European Champions started their career as former Pony Champions. Children compete with excellent, tens of thousands of euro worth top bred ponies – pony breeding is a significant industry such as of sport horses.

Day Ticket - Tuesday: 6 EUR - 1800 Ft
Day Ticket - Wednesday: 12 EUR - 3600 Ft
Day Ticket - Thursday: 12 EUR - 3600 Ft
Day Ticket - Friday: 12 EUR - 3600 Ft
Day Ticket - Saturday: 15 EUR - 4650 Ft
Day Ticket - Sunday: 15 EUR - 4650 Ft
6-Day Pass: 50 EUR - 15 500 Ft

Info: www.kaposvarpony2017.hu 

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