The location of the programs is 2-3 km away from the public parking lots.

Buses and small trains will run on the route.

Fares are free under the age of 6, HUF 1,000 for a one-way ticket over the age of 6, and HUF 2,000 for an unlimited round-trip daily ticket.

Shuttle buses will also depart from Keszthely, Hévíz, Zalaegerszeg and Zalaszentgrót on June 16-17.

The round-trip ticket price is HUF 5,000 per person.

Departure times both days: Keszthely 15:30, Hévíz 15:45, Zalaegerszeg 15:30, Zalaszentgrót 15:30

Return times both days: midnight

Places of departure and arrival:

Keszthely - Balaton Museum entrance (Múzeum u. 2.)

Hévíz - Mayor's Office, Kossuth u. from (Kossuth Lajos u. 1.)

Zalaegerszeg - ZALA PLAZA parking lot (Stadion u. 5.)

Zalaszentgrót - DM store, (Eötvös Károly u. 1.)