Get closer together to nature and arts once again!

Join us for 4 days for our unique festival, where you can not only enjoy the closeness of nature, you can also participate in concerts, performances, art workshops and of course the jam around the campfire is inevitable in the evenings.

With us, you can be a part of a vegan festival where, after the long quarantine period, you can alleviate your craving for culture, enjoy healthy food and parties, be creative, and also relax.


Organix festival is the common project of Vad Art and Dombfalva. We're joining forces to step up for the publicity of arts and environmental protection. 

In order to protect our environment, the festival is waste-free, so please bring your plate, glass and cutlery, which we'll fill with mouth-watering vegan food and artisan beer.

What's in it for you, you ask?

✓ 4 days in an inspirational environment
✓ a closer view on a lifestyle close to nature
✓party and chill in one place
✓ vegan breakfast, lunch and dinner
✓  a vareity of art programmes
✓artistic energy
✓  freedom
and zero waste. 

Join our Facebook group where you can ask for help in the transportation or even let other ones join you on your way. We are also answering your question.


4 days passes:

E-tickets: 20 000 Ft - including breakfast, lunch, dinner, attendance at the programmes, a festival kit and camping place

At the doors: 28.000 Ft

Daily tickets:

E-tickets: 10 000 Ft/day - including breakfast, lunch, dinner, attendance at the programmes, a festival kit and a camping place

At the doors: 15 000 Ft

Opening: 20th of August at 11 am

Entering: 20-23 of August between 11 and 18 h. We're kindly asking you to check in in this interval so you will have time even for putting up your tent.

Additional information:

- The tickets are available in limited numbers, so it’s worth booking in advance.
- The event is a friendly program rather than an official festival, everyone participates at their own risk, on their own initiative.
- The ticket prices and beverage prices are sponsored donations that contribute to the cost of organization, the development of the venue, and the creation of additional programs.
- We will hold the event even in case of bad weather, in which case we will help you with the transport from the bus stop at the times announced in advance. 


- 40 minutes by car, 90 minutes by bike from Budapest. In case of good weather, parking spots are available at the gates, but in case of bad weather there's a chance that you can only get in by foot.

- public transportation: from Stadion bus station to Domonyvölgy approximately 1 hour and additional 20 minutes walking to Dombfalva on a marked road 


Please bring your own plates, glass, cutlery. We'll provide every equipment for washing your dishes. Please do not bring any unnecessary litter.


You can tent in a secluded, wooded, shady place to arrive at the next day's programs in a relaxed way :) Come during the day, so it will be easier to build a tent;)