Onra's unconventional, oriental-influenced hip-hop is inspired by his travels to the Far East. With each beat, the French beatmaker evokes a specific place, smell or taste, the unpredictability of his music actually capturing the tireless buzz of exotic countries. At the beginning of June, he will take us on a journey to faraway lands at Turbina!


  Before Onra, we will warm up with the ever-experimental Cadik. Pál Séfel, also known from Anima Sound System, will is constantly adding hip-hop, R'n'B and jazz elements to his electronica - among others. One thing is for sure with the veteran of the Budapest light music scene, you never know what album will be spinning at the next moment.


Members of Wavy, the hip-hop collective that is currently providing Budapest with the freshest vibes, will also be represented. Maneuvering mainly along lo-fi, garage and house lines, the new stuff from these guys will definitely be worth keeping an eye on in the future - you can catch Aminon live at Turbina, as well as Ezial&Buku and Blaize's hip-hop set.

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