For various reasons, the foreign guest was left out of our 7th birthday celebration’s lineup, although in the end it was still a great time, but we also felt that the next party no longer had an excuse, we had to continue with one of the classic series.
However, we couldn't fully commit to Jiriki Frequencies, Tariki Ritual or Experimental Tales, so the idea came up to try something new instead of another numbered episode!
Everything that is a bit hardcore and has been on our psychedelic palette for the past few years, we now throw it into a big black cauldron and stir it well...
Coming from Germany, Okklumentim is travelling to Hungary for the very first time with his experimental DarkPsyCore project, launched in 2019, to melt the walls of the Arsenal within a 2-hour live session.
To reach the operating temperature of the cauldron, we will have to gather some wood in the forest...
Abezy and Jagana will represent the organically developing & evolving Oak Stories and Kabiri Records, also based in Germany, while Aurafood will step behind the players as a forever independent performer.
Second Strike will bombard the senses of deeply respected audience, who we can confidently say are our team's resident musicians for some time now alongside Mala'kak.
And last but not least, in accordance with the old traditions, Alchimechanics will deliver a chemically clean, high-octane Experimental set as a finale.
Last September, we had a great time at Telek, now it's the turn of the big brother, Arzenál...
Don’t forget, on the first Friday of June, styles are stirred and mixed!

Okklumentim 2H LIVE
The Endless Knot / Kapala Records


Oak Stories / Kabiri Records

Second Strike
Zen.O.Void Records

Kabiri Records / Oak Stories

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