Nasip Kısmet’s music fuses the Anatolian lyrical poetry traditions with the eclectic and overlapping rhythms and melodies of ethnic jazz, fusion and psychedelic folk. With a mixture of instrumentals and sung pieces, Nasip Kısmet connects to audiences on a spiritual level, they are moved both figuratively and literally by sounds and rhythms that resonate deep within music lovers of all nationalities. 

Nasip Kısmet, formed in 2019, featuring fellow high-caliber musicians - Dávid Szegő (HU) on Drums, Dániel Mester (HU) on Saxophone and Clarinet, and Márton Eged (HU) on Bass Guitar and the line-up was completed by Derya Ocak’s (Arif’s sister) addition on backing vocals. After the release of their first 3-song EP (Nasip  Kısmet - March 2021) Nasip Kısmet’s following grew remarkably quickly, and they were soon booking gigs at popular Budapest venues and festivals. Their LP was recorded live in SuperSize Studio and released in April 2022 (Live At Supersize Recording - Hunnia Records)