10-12th of August 2023.
Orom, Serbia


Once again this year, one of the main aims of the Malomfesztivál is to erase borders - all of them: internal ones, between each other and between countries. It also wants to show the untouched beauty of Serbia, of Vojvodina, where time still stands still, the clock ticks more slowly, and to lure people out into the wilderness, where the sky and the earth meet in the endless horizon, and at some point in the endlessness, you and we might be you and us, somewhere at the foot of the mill.


For the 9th time, we deliver the well-known vibe of the festival, and there is something new! Besides the regular Early Bird tickets, we created the Community Support option, which also includes 3 days of festival, camping, and pool use, and also a special surprise gift to thank you for the support of the community, arts, environment, and the Malomfesztivál in general.