Mïus X Attaray return with 'naked waves' A/V show to Budapest again.

A new album, flashing light in dark haze, analogue electronics, exclusive venue, limited entrance, Raf
Skowronski, HALOSARA, Amme and saxophonist Daniel Varga. Space and light
squared. After AQB, Trafó and Flashback and Zsolnay Light Festival 'naked waves'
return in November, last time in 2023 to the big hall of Turbina.
The sound and light installation of mïus and Attaray Visual moves to the spaces of
Turbina for one special night. The band featuring Raf Skowronski plays also from the
new album for the first time.
The show will take place at the big hall of Turbina. Sound and haze wil fill the rooms of
the former factory, where the lights appear as sculpture and geometric shapes reacting
to the noise and rhythm of the analogue electronics and the hammers of the piano. The
transition between installation and concert breaks the boundary between audience and
Signed to Théque Records and Berlin’s respected Sonar Kollektiv label, Mïus is the
music project of Budapest-based artist Gergely Álmos. Coming from architecture he
defines his music as a ‘multi-art project’ where different fields of self-expression meet
each other.
Andrea Sztojanovits, who performs under the moniker of Attaray Visual, graduated from
the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts and the Doctoral School of the Academy in
Budapest and presently she teaches audiovisual and light art at the university.

stage design - Álmos Gergely, Sztojánovits Andrea
visuals – Andrea Sztojánovits
lamp programming - Ákos Szilágyi
system - Adorján Triff
electronics, synths - Gergely Álmos
vocals - Raf Skowroński, HALOSARA, Amme
saxophone - Daniel Varga
piano, keys – Szilvia Várnai
bass guitar – Tamás Mezey
drums – Kristóf Gulyás

For the excessive use of strobe lights, we do not recommend the concert for children,
people with epilepsy, pacemakers and pregnant women.