The „meaning of life” KHJ42

The „meaning of life” KHJ42 is a grand concert of János Kardos-Horváth who turns to 42 this year. The most popular songs of almost two decades of a  musical career can be heard at the concert.

The number 42 refers to to Douglas Adam’a iconic The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy book where 42 is the number from which all meaning („the meaning of life, the universe and erveryhing”) can be derived.

The nearly three hours long, two-part concert follows an unusual theathrical  structure. It searching the meaning of life through four themes with popular Kaukázus Band and well-known KHJ songs.

The four themes are the following:

1.       I MOVED: „ I am knocking on all the windows in the world: hello, hello, hey. „

Campfire atmosphere, acouistic sounds.


2.       UNCRITICAL MASS : „ I try, I have a goal and direction…”

Mainstream Kaukazus Band hits, dancable party songs.


3.       LOOKING FOR THE A : „ I am looking for the truth of the moment…”

The naked man on the stage with gentle, wild, quiet or bursting feelings compressed into well-known songs


4.       I TAKE WHAT I BROUGHT: „ The God is in what I am…”

The block of looking back. What can be saved from the past to the present and thus to the future.


The KHJ42 concert promises to be a great joy music with popular performers who were companions of KHJ over his musical career.


The guest performers are:

Kaukázus Band

ToSoDa Projekt


Novák Péter

Pásztor Anna

Leskovits Gábor (PUF)

Vincze Lilla

Szili Nóra

Illés Alexa

Szinnyai Dóri

Dömény Krisztián