The Keep Floyding band has been successfully bringing the music and complex sound of Pink Floyd, along with its unique visual world, to Hungary since 1999. This season is defined by the 50th anniversary of the "The Dark Side of the Moon" album, starting with a highly acclaimed outdoor concert amidst the ancient ruins of Óbuda, where the band presented the path to the dark side of the moon. On December 1st, the team will conclude this festive year in an even more special location, the House of Music Hungary.

On this winter evening, alongside the celebrated album, you will have the chance to hear works that are intimately related to "The Dark Side of the Moon," either in terms of their message or mood, and they can be interpreted as its continuation.

Just like their great predecessors, Keep Floyding strives to surprise their audience with unique venues, and the great hall of the House of Music Hungary offers a truly special atmosphere and spectacle, welcoming a limited number of spectators.

A one-time and unforgettable concert for every Pink Floyd and Keep Floyding fan, with a seminal album at the center of it all!