According to the Act XIII of 2022 on the "Itemized Tax on Small Businesses" (KATA) introduced on 18 July 2022, we can only issue invoices for this event to individuals.

Dear friends,

We are getting older, and have now practiced community dancing for four years now!
For this, we are very proud to invite you to our birthday celebration at Dürer Kert 
As a special occasion, We also celebrate our second release : Vedat Akdag & Geopard Tourist - Little Bag of Hope 
Vedat is the resident of Katttarzis, but he has given us many memorable mornings in some factories and stone mines. With the support of Geopard Tourist, we invited him for a very special, 5 hour set 
See you there!
Tickets are very limited, come early or get your tickets online!


// Line-up //

Geopard Tourist

Vedat Akdağ