Improvised Circus Performance led by Marta Matovelle

Improlab is a space dedicated to the experimentation of circus arts and it offers circus

performers the opportunity to delve deeper into their selves, their research or their ideas in a

collaborative and performative environment.

Throughout the entire show, both the circus artists and musicians engage in spontaneous

improvisation, crafting the dramaturgy of the performance using a diverse array of movement

tools, including physical theater, dance, and circus techniques. They remain open to a variety of

proposals, willing to accept them and push their boundaries to the limits. Their willingness to

take risks and give their best is not only measured in terms of tricks but in the quality of their

actions and remaining fully present in the moment.

Improlab had its first run on the 1st of April 2023 and during the last year IMPROLAB has been

performed 5th times at Inspiral Circus Center. During the last performances the artists

researched different props and different games and rules conducting research and


Performers: Eszter Kudlák, Gaia Santuccio, Sophie Zoletnik, Takács Lacek, Patrik Keresztes and

Marta Matovelle.

Musician: Ádám Darázs