From electronica through ambient to classical music composing, iamyank always takes a new, unexpected turn. Hopefully his fans will handle another hook as All Machines Will Fail is a totally different universe. He was working on this music for a long time then he found the perfect partners for this journey: Mátyás Mohácsi (bass - Trillion, Grand Mexican Warlock) and Máté Kocsis (drums - ex-Idoru). 

"In the past few years I felt some sort of vacuum. I couldn't materialise the pure energy and sudden sweeping emotinal states. The guys brought new colours into my life, I'm glad for them already. I try not to determinate anything regarding All Machines Will Fail, I leave that to you."


Guest: TBA

- early bird: 1800 Ft
- pre-sale: 2500 Ft
- at the door: 3500 Ft

The concert will be at the main stage of Turbina. 
Door opens: 19:00

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Entry for the concert is based on the actual governmental rules and regulations.

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