How to throw a Hurricane party: A Guide for the Uninitiated.
Buy supplies. Beer, tequila, margarita mix and weed. Slap plywood over your windows. Think, pirate with an eye patch. Spray paint HURRICANE PARTY on your front door. Come to terms with the meaninglessness of existence. Pull all the food you’re going to cook, the food that'll spoil once the power cuts out for three days, a week, a month, a goddamn eternity. Put on some music. Some hot shit to get you in the mood. Maybe one dude raps, and one dude croons. Beats, rhymes and strife. Make it bouncy, wavy, hypnotic, like shimmering waves of heat coming off A1A. Get drunk. Shout out rickoLus and Bleubird. Flip a switch. See new things in a black light. Wait for the hurricane.