This time on Tuesday we are preparing an organic programme for you at Turbina! You can experience your natural being through smooth external and internal pulsations. During the hatha yoga flow we move through asana to asana, in the end of the course to the stillness of the relaxation. During the yoga, handpan melodies of Szirtes Adél will deepen our flow experience and with her final soundbath you can dive into a full relaxation. The course has a gradation, therefore you can have a pleasant time even if you are doing yoga for the first time. For the practice it’s strongly recommended to come with your heart and soul and comfortable clothes. 1,5-2 hours before yoga please if you can, don’t eat hard food/drink.

IMPORTANT infos about the event:

* Please bring your yoga mat with you. We can only guarantee a couple of mats

* If you can, bring sporty loose clothing

* Everyone is attending at one’s own risk on the Hatha jóga × Handpan // Jóga Organika

* Do your personal training consciously, take care of yourself and your sorrounding

* During the event photos or videos can be taken. The participant is agreeing with that with their attending to the event We welcome you with love, Turbina, Demeter Zita Yoga,