STEREO AKT: Sound fishing

performative concert for framed public space


In SoundFishing, every audience member gets a new pair of ears. These ears grant access to a secret concert taking place in plain view on Lövőház utca, where the hierarchy of sound is completely upended. The sounds we usually ignore like a dropped key, a sip of coffee, the opening of a pill box, or the squeak of a pencil become the protagonists. A cast of improvising musicians play along with each other and the unpredictable sounds of the street to create a live composition.

SoundFishing is a 40-minute site-specific performative concert embedded into the sonic fabric of the street, for an intimate audience sitting behind a shop window.


Előadók / Performers: Gryllus Samu, Tara Khozein, Ladik Katalin, Porteleki Áron, Székely Voland

Hang-design / Sound design: Mákó Rozi

Hangmérnök / Sound technician: Pap Dávid Tamás

Produkciós vezető / Production manager: Lajkó-Balogh Zsuzsanna

Producer: Mayer Dániel
Rendező, művészeti vezető / Director, Artistic director: Boross Martin, Tara Khozein

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