Freedom X Fest

2017. augusztus 26-27.

Bródy Studios

Vörösmarty u. 38.

Kapunyitás: 9:00

Jegytípus Ár Vásárlás
Early bird (42 EUR)One Day Pass12.900 FtElfogyott
Standard (52 EUR)One Day Pass15.900 Ft
Early bird (65 EUR)Weekend Pass19.900 FtElfogyott
Standard (80 EUR)Weekend Pass24.900 Ft
Early bird (320 EUR)3 Day Nomad Pass98.500 FtElfogyott
Standard (390 EUR)3 Day Nomad Pass120.000 Ft

Freedom X Fest is an inspirational 2 day event where we will bring together 30+ speakers and workshop facilitators to inspire, educate and show their experiences on creating a freedom based lifestyle. 

The event will focus on 3 topic:


Workshops and talks will be held throughout the weekend in an interactive environment with over 35+ programs for everyone to participate, learn, grow and design their own freedom lifestyle.​​

Our event venue is: Brody Club Life/Brody Studios

For more information please visit

You are so much more extraordinary than what you were taught to believe. And you have so many more opportunities to live your life freely according to your own terms and values.

We have been there, done that and know it is possible. We also know that it’s not an easy path to walk and we all need networks, communities and relationships that inspire, nourishes and supports us.

We facilitate hands-on workshops where you can start applying all these knowledge to your own life and situation. We want you to get involved, participate and learn new tools that you can take home with you and use every single day that follows.

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