Transdimensional intelligence, time travel, the afterlife and the Mandela effect. Everything is connected…
There are complete worlds at the quantum level out there beyond the limits of our perception.
By definition, the universe is the sum of all existing universes and includes everything that exists and can exist: outer space, time, mass, energy, and space, as well as the laws of physics and the constants that describe them.
At the end of March we are attempting to cause a glitch in all of these, break through the fabric of spacetime with the help of our Portuguese guests and the Hungarian empiricist squad, so that we can see the true nature of the Universe through the hole in the matrix firewall.
Founded by Tiago and Marilia, the Pluriverso project has been a pioneer of Lemon and Acidpsy styles since 2016. Music in all its forms influences them and their incoming impulses are shared with their audience through their psychedelic prism.
We are hosting this lovely couple with a 3 hour set, representing Absolut Shit Records, based in Texas, USA.
This time our very own Varázsló, out of his 8 music alteregos, is delivering a slower-than-usual run on Isiteshi, backed by Andhakara Records from India.
The evening will be led by Second Strike with an all-out DarkPsy set, while at dawn we will enjoy the play of the Master of Experimental Arts, Alchimechanics.


Pluriverso 3H LIVE (PRT)
Absolut Shit 

Isiteshi 2H LIVE
Andhakara Records / Zen.o.void Records 

Second Strike

SectaPutri / Liquid Monkeys Tribe 


Czellux aka Journey Into Sound
Neogoa Records 

The Mist Production Db.

The Mist Production Db.