After the the second edition in August, this December the Experimental Tales series will become a trilogy. Whats more, it will bear the mark of the succesful and tradition-forming Pre-NYE party of last year. Our invited guest to play for you is Peyoceps. He has never set foot on Hungarian land yet and comes straight from the home of the Swiss experimental label, Labyrinthine Crew. He will debut his second album via a 3hr deep sea journey. Our invitation has also been accepted by a friend to many of us and our little country's great talent Varázsló, who got a chance this summer to prove himself on the Main Stage of Ozora festival. Warming up the oven will be a task for our residents, Alchimechanics and Mala'kak whom you may know from our previous parties.


Peyoceps 3H LIVE (CHE)

Labyrinthine Crew

Varázsló LIVE

ZenOvoid Records / Sacred Sound 




SectaPutri / Liquid Monkeys Tribe