It's the 4th EPFE, November 13th, 2020, starting at 11:00 hrs CET, coming from Budapest, unfortunately virtual, BUT, we've got a varied, very interesting set of panels, with a wonderful bunch of panellists and chairs from Serbia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Ireland, Romania, Australia, Poland, Holland, the UK and Germany, with more to come...

You can still listen and learn, you cannot talk directly but you can make your views known. The joys of virtual!

All for only 3000forints / £7.75 / €9 you get a full day, from 1100hrs CET, six hours, (or more...) of discussion and knowledge!

PLUS, because we cannot give you our normal free food and drink this year, everyone that registers will receive a genuine Hungarian Goulash (with or without meat!) recipe, free!

Enjoy. It'll be as good as the last three EPFE conferences.