EPFE 2019    (www.epfe.eu)


When, 15th November 2019

Where, Budapest, moved to the larger Akvarium Klub, in the centre of the City, to accommodate a larger number of delegates this year.


The EPFE (Event Production Forum East) is aimed at the Central and Eastern European event market and the Production, Venue management, Promotion, F+B and Supply personnel involved. Whether local or from outside the region, all are welcome.


Third year of this increasingly popular event, the Event Production Forum East will continue in the same format as previously, 4 major sessions, two either side of lunch and coffee breaks followed, in the evening by a free dinner and drinks.

Subject matter is related to production in venues of all shapes and sizes, clubs, pubs, arena, stadia, greenfield and brownfield sites.

In past years’ people have complained (and this doesn’t only relate to EPFE) that it is only arenas, stadia and festivals are talked about. This year we will major on the other end of the market, venues from 25 to 5000 capacity. What are the normal situations and aggravations to be dealt with, from artistes, production (inhouse and tour requirements), selling the gig, the paying customer, regulatory requirements, etc.

Another item of perennial discussion is Health and Safety. Normal comment, not again! Well, this is an item that will not go away. What we want to do is to start the discussion here and persuade other Conferences such as Eurosonic, IPM, etc., to continue the theme. Tell us everything is ok and a myriad of things going wrong can be highlighted! We will be talking about this, honestly, in a completely different way of thinking.

One of the other panels will be the popular ‘Dinosaur Session’. Those of a ‘certain age’ involved in the industry come to tell us their experiences but at the same time pass on years of knowledge. This year’s panel will not fail to entertain.


Although the outside world does tend to think that this is a ‘developing market’, it is not true. Bryan Grant from Britannia Row Productions was a panel member last year and confirmed to the audience that the industry is as advanced here as it is throughout the western world, it just doesn’t shout about it! People from outside could learn a lot..                  thank you, Bryan..


Tickets are on sale at www.tixa.hu/epfe2019

Cost, for all day sessions, coffee breaks, lunch and the free dinner in the evening..

early bird: 45 EUR (14.990 HUF)
general: 55 EUR (18.990 HUF)


Come one, come all.