EFOTT with its 110.000 visitors is one of the largest and most significant summer festival in Hungary nowadays. However, EFOTT is not only a summer party, the organizers of the festival besides the concerts put a great emphasis on sport, gastronomic and cultural life. Due to these, daytime programs are expanding almost every ear, not only in number, but in quality aswell.

In 2022, EFOTT will take place at Velence lake, Sukoró.

Beach, concert, gastro, civil space (the new EFOTT UNIverzum), beach soccer, cinema international stars and DJ-s and more than 100 Hungarian artists in one place.  AKON, John Newmann, Regard, Riton, Halott Pénz, Wellhello, Bagossy Brothers Company, T.Danny, BSW, Metzker Viktória and many others!