Our group first! Historical perspectives on minorities/majorities, inclusion/exclusion, centre/periphery in media and communication history
Conference of ECREA Communication History Workshop – Budapest, 7-9 September 2017 (Kossuth Klub)
ECREA Communication History Section
Research Centre of Women’s History (Eötvös Loránd University Faculty of Humanities)

“Our group first!” A familiar chant, which echoes past times in contemporary voices has recently gained momentum in the political discourse in Europe and the United States with resonance all over the globe. The claim and focus of such demands is however not new, but rather restorative with illustrious historical predecessors. Throughout history, communication has always been used to disseminate stereotypes, narratives and social myths aimed to the end of creating clear distinctions between a superior “us” and the “other”. Drawing lines between “us” and “them” is functional in negotiating senses of community and belonging and goes way beyond its political use. However, inclusion always harbours exclusion as well and the identity of groups also demarks their boundaries. For this workshop the organizers invited scholarly presentations to shed light on questions of inclusion/exclusion, minorities/ majorities and centre/periphery in communication.